Every individual is unique. Therefore, the results will vary from person to person. Here is the timeframe for ProSolution Pills, spoken of by ProSolution Pill’s Official Website.

Week 1: The first pill starts to change the blood flow in our bodies in order to increase the quantity that reaches our penises. With the purchase of the ProSolution Pill, we have also received access to the Penis Health program of exercises.

Week 2: Some users reported their first gains as soon as the second week, since the body adapts and responds to the new focus. The penis starts to gain size while in flaccid state.

Week 3: Most of the users point to the third week as the time when they have seen the first gains. The penis starts hanging thicker and meatier, and will look bigger in its flaccid state.

Week 4: The penis is definitely bigger by this point. Your partner will notice the increase in size. We should expect at least a nod of approval and content. Especially since more gains are on the way.

Week 5: The second month is the time of anticipation, as we see our penises grow in size. It is the beginning of our transformation into a more confident and self-asserting person as past problems are left behind.

Week 6: The first gains in erect size start to show. Users say their partners feel a significant difference between the former and current look and feel of the penis during intercourse.

Week 7: The penis size increases steadily and our confidence should grow almost every day. Is it not wonderful to feel like the world is yours?

Week 8: With the second month ending, things are looking up for you. Keep taking the pill and performing the exercises as directed, and you will soon achieve even better results.

Week 9: The third month marks the decisive emergence of a new you. Look in the mirror and enjoy the growing confidence, the bigger smile and the bold look. Not to mention the happier face of your partner.

Week 10 & 11: The cells of the spongy tissues keep growing and multiplying to strengthen the penis. This dual approach creates more space in the existing tissue for blood to enter AND creates new tissue to capture even more blood!

Week 12: As the month ends, nobody can say we are not happy men. Two thumbs up for you.

Week 13: The fourth month is here. And here is a bigger penis. This is the month when most users report their biggest gains as the penis size expands significantly to accommodate the higher flow of blood and bigger muscles.

Week 14: By this time, you should feel like you have a completely new penis. Where Mother Nature chose to spread her gifts sparingly, the ProSolution Pill took control and changed the situation.

Week 15 & 16: Your penis continues to grow in size. It hangs heavier and feels longer, larger and meatier than before. It is very likely that your partner cannot get enough of it now. If she was used to the old one, the new one should be a real treat. More sex = more pleasure – sometimes math is simple and nice.

Week 17: Month 5 has arrived. Your past lovers will probably have a hard time coming to grips with your newly found confidence and style. Not to mention your bigger penis!

Week 18 & 19: By this time, you should have experienced at least a one and a half to two inches increase in length and a proportional growth in girth, not to mention be experiencing better erections.

Week 20: Keep doing the exercises and taking the pills, and you will soon gain those three inches you were aiming for, if you have not gained that much already.

Week 21: If you have been sticking to the program for six months, then it is high time for congratulations. The confidence and assurance brought by a larger penis will certainly change your life. You are a stronger man and a better lover.

Get started on the road to enlarging your penis, and stop just imagining the bigger penis you can have soon.

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