With the huge selection of penis enlargement products available on the market today, it has opened the door to many questions about which is the most effective. One question that comes up often with men, is whether penis enlargement pills or exercise work the best.

Men have always been concerned with their penis size, and wanting a larger penis is not something new to the men of this generation. Since time began, a large penis symbolizes superiority in the man’s mind, and gives him a sense of confidence that shows in all aspects of his life.

If a man has not received the gift of a large penis, he will feel self-conscious, and fear being mocked and laughed at for his imperfection. But, with the improvements that have been made to penis enlargement products in the past few years, a man no longer needs to suffer from feelings of inadequacy. There are now remedies like herbal medicines, devices and exercises to help a man to enlarge his penis.

The most common penis enlargement exercise is called the “jelqing”. It goes back centuries, and is said to have originated in Arabia by men who are about to get married. In order to please their future wives, the men do this exercise. These are often referred to as milking or “power jelqing”.

The jelqing exercise is believed to increase both the size and girth of a penis. What the man needs to do is massage the penis for at least 45 minutes each session. Despite the fact that this particular penis enlargement exercise takes this long to perform each time, many still practice the exercise wanting to increase the size of their penis.

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