Premature ejaculation is not only a medical problem but it is also a psychological problem. Most of the time it is found that men hesitate to discuss this problem as they feel that premature ejaculation is a shortcoming which will affect their social status and normal lifestyle.

But the fact is that majority of the men suffer from this problem and because of the taboo cannot take the full advantage of the pleasure that they should derive in their bedroom. There are many concepts about premature ejaculation.

Some believe that if you ejaculate before your partner reaches orgasm then it is premature ejaculation and some think that premature ejaculation takes place because of some kind of mental pressure during the sexual act. Lately the actual reason for premature ejaculation has been established and that is the lack of control over the ejaculation pressure.

This lack of control leads to many types of psychological problems as it affects the sexual life of the person. So this problem should be treated very carefully otherwise it may lead to total psychological breakdown.

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

A single method of preventing premature ejaculation cannot be established as the reasons for premature ejaculation differ from person to person. It is necessary that the line of treatment should be chosen very carefully as it a delicate matter and requires careful handling. The problem can be overcome if the person maintains patience and gives the required amount of time to achieve the desired result.

    1. One method of preventing premature ejaculation is to do the exercise which will strengthen the muscles around the pelvic area. This will help to increase the controlling power of these muscles by increasing the stamina of the muscles and this also helps in obtaining a very satisfactory orgasm.

    2. Another method of preventing premature ejaculation is by using the desensitizing cream during the sexual act. But this method is not very effective as the pleasure of the whole sexual play is lost.

    3. Premature ejaculation can be stopped by distracting the mind when you feel that you have reached the climax and you will not be able to stop yourself. The best way to distract the mind is to think about something that will bring down the tempo of the desire and give you some more time as you will have to again build up the mood which will take you towards orgasm.

    4. Another method is to give more time to foreplay before the actual intercourse. This will help in delaying the ejaculation during the actual intercourse. You can also masturbate at least one hour before you get involved with your partner in the sexual act. This will help in preventing premature ejaculation as you will need time to reach the climax before orgasm.

    5. Another simple method of preventing premature ejaculation is to follow the start and stop method where you start with the intercourse and then when you feel that you have reached the peak and the liquid is at the tip of the penis withdraw the penis from the vagina and relax for some time and then again insert the penis this will also give you more time and prevent premature ejaculation.


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