One of the most common problems men have is that they don’t last long in bed. The average male can only last to a couple of minutes and end up their partner with dismay. There are drugs out there in the market to increase bed activity but are quite expensive. Sex doesn’t have to be expensive all you need to have is practice.

Here are sure fire way tips on how to last longer in bed:

    1. Training yourself in masturbation can be a great factor. When you masturbate it stimulates your genitals like if it was the real thing. Bring yourself to the peak of ejaculating then abruptly stop. Do this with focus not to temp yourself from ejaculating. Repeat the process several times as long as you don’t ejaculate. Practicing so will enable you to hold on your climax for the real thing as long as you will not cum, love making will last long for hours.

    2. When you’re thrusting your penis in the vagina you can quickly withdraw and stop for a few moments. This will allow your sexual excitement to decrease and allow you to prolong your lovemaking. After which you can re-enter again and continue making love.

    3. Deeply pressing your perineum after withdrawing from the vagina and can make your ejaculation put on a hiatus. Applying the right pressure on the spot just near the area between your scrotum and anus can stop ejaculation quickly. It may be hard to find the spot. Try experimenting on different angles this will ensure that you find the right spot as quick as possible.

    4. Try new sexual positions. There are myriads of sexual positions out there for you to try on your partner. Most of which can be found in Kama Sutra books. There are positions that can help you last long in bed. Each male have different positions in which they are not prone to a quick ejaculation. Some men may feel comfortable with the dog style position while others prefer the women on top. So basically it’s up to you. Testing new positions that could help you on how to last longer in bed.

    5. Another classic on how to last longer in bed is to wear a condom. Not most of you will agree that wearing a condom can help you in love making. Wearing condoms seems to lower down the sexual excitement since your penis is covered with plastic.

    6. Change the way on how you thrust your partner. Thrusting up and down all day long doesn’t ensure you for another round or two. But instead do it in a circular motion so that your penis will receive less stimulation.

    7. Masturbating before making love can help you control that unwanted ejaculations in the first place. Most men get hot and horny during foreplay and may lead to premature ejaculation when they start making love.

    8. Stay in focus. Stop thinking that you will ejaculate fast but instead take a hold of yourself. The brain is sole responsible of giving the green light to our genitals that it is time to let it loose.

    9. When engaging in sex, make sure that the ladies come in first. Real gentleman treats her lady with respect. So make sure you don’t ejaculate first.


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